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Are you looking for a supplier to support your product design, or electronic assembly, or full contract manufacturing, or all of these services, then why not take a look at how Nyquist can help.


If you need full design and development services, or a temporary design partner who will integrate with your existing design team to create a particular solution then Nyquist will help.

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If you need to sub contract low to medium volume, but high quality, complex PCB assemblies and / or box built products, then Nyquist is here to help.

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Are you looking for a new partner to undertake high volume, high yield, near zero defect manufacturing? Do you need precision assembly, which incorporates wide ranging componentry, electronic PCBs, flexible or hybrid circuit technology, encapsulation and curing? If so Nyquist can help.

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Is this You?

Thankfully you found us. We are PCB assembly specialists and no job is either too large or too small.

If you need support with product design, development or modification; precision electronic sub assembly; custom product manufacturing then the team at Nyquist Technologies Ltd is here to help.

Nyquist Technologies Ltd - A Brief Overview

Nyquist Technologies Ltd is the Trading Name of Nyquist Ltd. Where we excel, is in delivering superior value to our clients.

Whilst we concentrate on design and development; precision electronic assembly and custom product manufacture, we love nothing more than bringing all these disciplines together to provide our customers with superior value by adding our technical expertise to first class client focused customer service thereby delivering more than just the physical product.

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