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The Key Team

James Geddes BA (Hons)

James, a Director of the company, looks forward to building on the solid foundation which Harry and the team has established. Our range of expertise and depth of experience enables us to offer products that we believe will meet your exacting requirements.

Whether you’re looking at a single simple board or are requiring several thousand complex boards, we can provide those products and coupled with a high level of customer service, we will meet and hopefully beat your expectations and requirements, however specialist they may be. At Nyquist, our ethos is to provide our clients, past, present, and future with high quality products and innovative solutions through our team of well-trained dedicated customer focused professionals. James is responsible for developing the business and for ensuring our clients needs are met through a programme which we champion and is known as Delivering Superior Value.

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Andrew Bennett
BEng (Hons) MIET CID

Andrew is our Operations Manager at Congleton, and he is happy to discuss any technical issues, respond to your request for a quotation, and provide you with help and advice on your electronic assembly project.

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Gemma Beeston
Administration, HR and Finance

Gemma is the company’s administration and financial controller. Gemma will help you with any general questions and queries you have; as well as handling sales and purchase ledger enquiries. She is also the person to contact about job vacancies.

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Iain Geddes
Business Manager

Iain brings to the team over 40 years of senior level business expertise gained across several market sectors. Iain, in the chair since December 2016, has been developing systems of work to ensure Nyquist continues to exceed clients needs and expectations.

Iain admits there may be little difference between a PCB built by Nyquist and one built by a competitor, but having already recently invested in the latest Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment, AOI testing equipment, and increasing production capacity through the commissioning of a further Pick and Place Machine, Nyquist has already improved on the already high level of quality of product leaving the factory. By adding personal touches, for example building and investing in stock of components, to ensure we reduce the long lead times sometimes encountered, and by simply delivering directly to our clients, utilising our own staff and only using couriers when absolutely necessary, thereby reducing the risk of damage in transit., the actual difference between a Nyquist PCB and one delivered from other manufacturers will become obvious.

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Harry Powell
Design & Development

Harry is the founder of the company. Harry although semi-retired is still an integral part of Design and Development team and you can call on him to address your design needs, whilst Harry remains fully committed to Nyquist, he has relinquished (with some glee) the day to day management of the business.

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