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The goal of the company is to provide quality workmanship and service that consistently meets the level of customer satisfaction required and which also meets the needs and expectations of other interested parties. The strategic direction of the company is based on the business plan, achieved through the administration of a Quality Management System certified […]

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The Dark Art of Electromagnetic Compatibility

At the heart of any development project lies the requirement to identify risks in the design and ensure that robust mitigating actions are taken as early as possible. To do so, not only saves time and money, but also stops weekends being ruined when such issues invariably come to light on a Friday afternoon. Enter […]

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It’s all about Harry!
(Nyquist, that is!)

It’s all about Harry! (Nyquist, that is!) The name Nyquist resonates with all electrical engineers who will appreciate the significance of his Sampling Theorem, which has impacted on the development of consumer products like mobile phones; tablets and CDs, to name but a few. In fact, he was credited with 138 patents relating to Telecommunications. […]

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