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Isotopx are a British scientific instrument company specializing in the design and manufacture of thermal ionization mass spectrometers (TIMS). Not surprisingly, a TIMS is not a mass produced product and the electronic sub-systems it uses span an extremely demanding range of application from HV control to the conditioning and processing of extremely low voltage signals. It is critical that the fidelity of the circuit designs used in a TIMS are not compromised in any way by the manufacturing process. Isotopx needs the supplier to understand the importance of implementing stringent process control not just in manufacture, but also in pre-delivery test and measurement.

We have been working with Isotopx since 2011 to establish a partnership which provides them with the quality of product they demand.

This is how Isotopx view the experience of that relationship: –

The success of our TIMS instruments has led to rapid growth in our business. That, together with the need for continuing product development meant that we were being held back by having to use our team of engineers and scientists to diagnose and de-bug the electronic sub-systems coming from our existing suppliers. This bottleneck made us realise we needed a supplier who we could rely on to deliver complex electronics which worked with little or no technical intervention from our team.

We knew that in moving the manufacture to a new supplier, we would encounter problems with the documentation associated with legacy products, and we recognised the need to select a provider who could take the lead in resolving those deficiencies and then feedback the necessary changes to our design team.

We knew that we would need a company who had the competency to undertake the demanding functional testing required and could work with our team to develop the procedures and processes to ensure the validation to a level we could depend on.

This is what we were looking for technically, and of course, the usual commercial requirements of competitive pricing, responsiveness and flexibility were a given.

As we had used Nyquist on some of our new product range, and had been very satisfied with the outcome, we decided to further investigate their capabilities with a view to moving the bulk of our electronic sub-contract requirement to them. After doing the initial due diligence back in 2013, we decided to try them out.

All the indications are that it was the right decision. Nyquist are ticking all the boxes for us. We are impressed with their technical competence and the quality of workmanship they invest in both the finished product and the supporting collateral. They have proven to be extremely responsive to deadlines and have managed the material procurement and stockholding to ensure timely delivery of finished goods.

We are very, very happy with the way the relationship is developing.

Mark Yardley
Operations Director

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