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In 2011 Fibrevision were looking for a new manufacturing partner and Nyquist were one of several companies invited to tender. It was a demanding project both technically and commercially; it required the setting up of a manufacturing unit tailored specifically to the customer’s requirement and had to be fully operational within 3 months. This is what Fibervision have to say about the experience: –

Back in 2011 we found ourselves having to look for a new partner to manufacture our global range of precision tension sensors. We had to identify a supplier in whom we had total confidence – not only to meet the stringent technical requirements, but who could also manage the scope and scale of the project, and who were prepared to make the investment required to do this.

We needed a supplier prepared to set-up a local manufacturing unit from scratch, to adopt and adapt our processes and quality criteria, and quickly ramp-up to full production from a standing start. Having discussed the project in depth both technically and commercially with Nyquist, we decided to place our business with them. We have never regretted that decision. They have proved to be a perfect match for our business. They were able to meet the very demanding time scales in establishing the facility and achieving full capacity. They have improved and refined our processes to the point that, more often than not, they achieve zero defects. They have never once failed to deliver on time. They have the experience, expertise and willingness to help resolve any technical or process related problems we encounter and truly act like an extension to our research and development unit. They have proven to be flexible, and more than accommodating to the commercial vagaries of our markets, and worked with us to ensure the viability of continued supply throughout recent significant demand variability in the textile industry. All in all, their performance has been outstanding, and they are, and remain, easily our best performing supplier.

Ian Hall
Technical Director
Saurer Fibrevision Ltd

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