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Electronic Assembly Revolution? No. Evolution? Definitely!

It’s easy to take for granted what we do in our workplace; the processes we follow and the equipment we use. Every now and again, it’s good to look back and remember where we were not all that long ago. 10 years ago we had a dedicated “internet” machine at Nyquist. We would queue up […]

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Remember TQM?

I’m old enough to remember TQM (Total Quality Management) which was prevalent 25 years ago as a means corralling organisational activity into a culture that aspired to continuous improvement in the delivery of products and services to clients. It’s gone out of fashion nowadays, superseded by lean, six sigma, ISO 9001 and the like. TQM […]

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Outsourcing Manufacturing – Common Sense or Folly?

For over twenty years now, outsourcing has played an increasing role in business, and functions such as logistics; stock control; human resources and finance are regularly ‘bought in’ from external experts in the field. Manufacturing is no exception, and while there has been considerable debate about the movement of manufacturing offshore to low cost base […]

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It’s all about Harry!
(Nyquist, that is!)

It’s all about Harry! (Nyquist, that is!) The name Nyquist resonates with all electrical engineers who will appreciate the significance of his Sampling Theorem, which has impacted on the development of consumer products like mobile phones; tablets and CDs, to name but a few. In fact, he was credited with 138 patents relating to Telecommunications. […]

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