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Nyquist Technologies Ltd – Invests in its Future

To enhance our service delivery we have invested in new state of the art AOI Equipment, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment and an additional Pick and Place Machine.

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Electrical testing of PCB fab

You may pay for it, but how do you know you get it, and do you understand what you are getting anyway? How many of you have ever been caught out by faulty PCB fabrication, and what steps do you take to mitigate against this risks? We all take things on trust to some degree […]

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Avoid Thermal Issues with PCB Design

With more demanding and power hungry devices these days, avoiding thermal issues with your product is as important as it has ever been. One of the first places you can look to help you is the way your PCB is designed. A characteristic that the PCB designer must understand is the continuous operating temperature of […]

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The Dark Art of Electromagnetic Compatibility

At the heart of any development project lies the requirement to identify risks in the design and ensure that robust mitigating actions are taken as early as possible. To do so, not only saves time and money, but also stops weekends being ruined when such issues invariably come to light on a Friday afternoon. Enter […]

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Setting up a contract manufacturing facility

If there’s one thing guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping, it’s a challenging request from a customer combined with a response that says “if we really put out minds to this we can achieve something great!” So when an international company came along in spring 2012 and said ‘can you set up a facility to […]

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