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Nyquist Specialises In….

Nyquist specialises in product design, embedded control systems and subcontract manufacture and has the expertise to actively participate in design projects from conception through to manufacture. In addition to the above specialities Nyquist offers a complete range of in-house design facilities for electronic, software and small mechanism development, utilising a wide range of technologies. Manufacturing […]

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The goal of the company is to provide quality workmanship and service that consistently meets the level of customer satisfaction required and which also meets the needs and expectations of other interested parties. The strategic direction of the company is based on the business plan, achieved through the administration of a Quality Management System certified […]

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No matter how small or indeed how large

Our client list includes many household names. We are responsive to the demanding needs of the market. The market is ever-changing, and with it, so are we. Our team is able to cater to just about anyone who require electronics, and we’re always excited to take on a new clients. Every single product, whether its […]

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Do you have an Urgent Need?

Nyquist Express may well be able to assist you. We have recently expanded our production capabilities and can now meet most urgent order deadlines. Give is a call to see how we can meet your requirements.

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Nyquist – His name very much alive today through Nyquist Technologies Ltd

Mr Nyquist may have died in 1976 – the year that Ceefax was formally launched! His work and his memory live on as an inspiration to electronic engineers, globally, and our company is proud to have taken his name and to be held accountable to standards he would have acknowledged. Today his legacy lives on […]

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