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About You

Are you looking for a new partner to undertake high volume, high yield, zero defect manufacturing? Do you need high quality precision assembly, which incorporates wide ranging componentry, electronic PCBs, flexible or hybrid circuit technology, encapsulation and curing.

Are your products required to work ‘fail safe’ in hostile or arduous environments? If so, Nyquist’s Contract Product Manufacturing has the answer.

What We Do

Our strength is in the assembly of small mechanisms and devices, implementing stringent process controls to ensure high yields.

We can deal with high volumes while maintaining quality and on time delivery. We underpin this through our strong technical expertise in calibration (environmental testing / 100% product validation); our robust Quality Management System  and rigorous inventory control.

Our Promise

We will meet your stringent quality requirements and your delivery profile. We will improve and refine manufacturing processes aiming to maintain a zero defects profile and ensure the viability of continuous supply. Nyquist Technologies Ltd. - Delivering Superior Value

We will work with you to resolve any technical or process related issues and support your own R & D functions. We are happy to take the lead or offer post development support. Advice is just a phone call or email away, please contact us for further details

Our Expertise

We have developed particular niche expertise in precision sensors required to perform in arduous, hostile or hazardous environments.

Case Studies

Back in 2011 we found ourselves having to look for a new partner to manufacture our global range of precision tension sensors.

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